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Reminds me of the early 2010's NickToons bumpers that used to air before or after a show started mixed with Toonami's bumpers. Here are both a NickToons & Toonami bumper to see where I'm getting at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m_npTC0Rvgg&list=RDQz2wnSVeITg&index=2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfmDehdLQd8
Great job on this btw.

This is a pretty good way to start it.. Just wow, this is pretty impressive, not gonna lie. I wasn’t even expecting there to be an animation for the summerfest tbh because I’m not familiar with it. Anyways, good job on everyone who was in this.

This was possibly your best work yet. The art direction, music, voices, & characters were all amazing. It was powerfully emotional & realistic & overall, this is a legitimate masterpiece of animation.

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I agree with what everyone says... This is possibly the best Week 7 simulator I've played so far. This truly is FNF at it's peak performance.

Little-Rena responds:

And with faster loading times!

As someone who had really bad anxiety, the feelings that the characters felt are realistic. Also, the artwork & music really helped with developing the moods of the scenes & overall, this game is pretty good.

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For your first piece of art here.... This is great. From the shading to the color choices to the way the character is positioned, you did a great job capturing the fun & lightheartedness of the character while also showing that the character is extremely technologically advanced judging by the color & the way the background looks. I may not be the best art critic but I can safely say that your art is better than mine & that’s a good thing. But anyways, you did a great job on this piece, I’m very surprised that you even did art like this. But overall, this is pretty good for your first piece of art here on Newgrounds. Definitely 5 stars worthy. Good job.

OrangeFluff responds:

Thank you for this wonderful review, I'm glad that you liked it! :3

This is the beginning of day of Reckoning as foretold by Father John.

I absolutely love the art style here, it really reminds me of a Cartoon Network show from the 2000's with the outlines & the overall aesthetic. Great job.

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